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3rd Generation Family-Owned Farm

Our family's passion is raising drug and hormone free beef for you to proudly serve your family.

Spencer Creek Farms' cows are treated with love, compassion, and raised on grass, in the heart of The Ozarks. We value our humane approach to cattle management, practiced in all aspects of our farm. 



Spencer Creek Farms was started by Jim and Sherry Meissert in 1989 when Jim purchased the land and started farming and raising cattle. The next addition to the farm came when Jim's daughter, Renee, met her future husband, Michael Dyer. After graduating from College of the Ozarks, (then School of the Ozarks) Michael moved to the Lake of the Ozarks working for the Department of Natural Resources. Michael joined Jim and helped to expand the family operation. Michael and Renee's two sons, Garrett and Dalton, have both grown up on the farm. They've grown their passion for farming instilled by their parents and grandparents. Today Jim, Michael, and Garrett all work together to bring you the highest quality beef for you and your family.   

Farming For Future Generations

At Spencer Creek Farms we practice sustainable farming. Our biggest impact for future generations is the rotational grazing system that we have set up.  This allows us to provide the cows the highest quality forage for the longest period of time. We typically graze from mid-April to early-February moving the cows every 3 to 5 days to a new paddock. This allows for more renewable and consistent forage growth, while helping to reduce our negative environmental impact. The cows diets are supplemented with by-products from a local brewery. This adds fibers to the diet and allows for the use of a valuable by-product that would otherwise be thrown out. 

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